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Commissioning the Present: Marikana and its Aftermath

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About Commissioning the Present: Marikana and its Aftermath

From 7 to 9 May 2015, SERI and the History Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand hosted a convening entitled “Commissioning the Present: Marikana and its Aftermath” at the University of Witwatersrand’s School of Law.

Here you can access, experience, and reflect on the deliberations which took place during the convening.

Since 2012, the Marikana Commission of Inquiry has been the site of struggles over the narratives, meanings, and implications of the events at Marikana. Participants in the Commission and scholars came together at the convening to consider the development of these narratives and stories, and to place both the massacre and the Commission in context. Spaces were opened for discussion and disagreement, and for the development of new political and social narratives.

Panel discussions and presentations addressed a number of topics, including: The Commission’s Contexts: Social, Economic, Political; The Politics of Platinum; Gender and Lived Experience; Practices of Policing; Popular Politics after Marikana; Political Economies; Land and Custom; Experiencing the Commission: Civil Society Lawyers and Families and Affected Communities; and The Farlam Commission 20 Years after the TRC.

Some of the discussions were filmed in full, and are shown below. Presenters were also asked to summarise their papers on camera. The videos of the papers are shown on the website.

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