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About Drycraeft

Drycraeft through the application of different building systems is able to give you a solution to suit your different building or accommodation needs. The Systems can satisfy your short or long term requirements.

Further they can offer a professional project management service to ensure the every success of your project.

Drycraeft is made up of a team of experienced individuals and has access to a large team of building professionals and contractors. The 30 plus years' experience of the team will help you find the most suitable solution for your building requirements. They can be permanent or temporary solutions.

Project Description

Website was originally developed in Wordpress by another web designer. I was commissioned to redesign the website in Joomla in order for the site to be compatible across all media i.e. mobile devices and computers.

Technologies Implemented

Joomla 3.x with a free template installed and custom styling applied via CSS.


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