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About EnviroSense CC

EnviroSense was established in 2000. Our offices are based in Zeekoevlei, Cape Town.

For 13 years has German born Susanne Karcher (MSc Chemical Engineering), the Managing Member of EnviroSense, now advised and personally trained her company's many (and diverse) governmental and business clients on the practicalities of day to day pollution prevention and integrated materials and waste management. Improved operational and production efficiencies as well as "environmentally intelligent" product and process design principles are utilised as the key enabler for preventing and reducing waste and pollution at source while saving clients significant amounts of money for waste disposal, re-processing cost, loss of raw material costs, added value cost, environmental clean-up costs etc.

Project Description

This project was an upgrade from static html. The organisation had decided to upgrade the site to make the it more compatible with mobile and desk based devices phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Technologies Implemented

Joomla 3.x is the backbone of the site. A basic free template was installed and all styling on the site was applied via CSS.



"The Paint Mistress founder Caroline Bowley was appointed in 2012 to revamp my Environmental Consulting company website which was originally built on a very crude and basic DIY based website development tool (RVS Sitebuilder Pro).

She transferred revised contents into a Content Management System (CMS) format and now the website is much nicer to navigate and very easy for myself to update when and where required.

Caroline had an excellent grasp of how to translate my rather vague customer specification about wanting an " interactive, organic (but not too green), engaging feel" of the website into a tangible and highly professional end- product.

I would highly recommend the Paintmistress wbsite design services to anyone irrespective of size or if the business is product or services oriented."

Susanne Yvonne Karcher
(MSc. Chemical Engineering)
Integrated Resource and Waste Minimisation Specialist

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